Just a small-town girl...

I grew up in a super-small town called Rush Springs, Oklahoma. Being raised by a single mom to four kids in low-income housing, I can confidently say there were many times I knew hardship as a kid. My dad was completely out of the picture, and my mom did the best she could with what she had. On many occasions, we relied heavily on a place called The Samaritan House for clothing, and the local church for Christmas, as my mom was unemployed and did not receive any child support.

The very first time I had a crush on a boy was in first grade. While playing tag, I remember thinking,

“If I can just get his attention… if I can just get his attention."

Sure enough, after tagging him, I got his attention. He looked at me and said, “Hollie, why do you wear the same jeans to school every day?” Now, he wasn’t being mean, just curious as a kid. I remember feeling mortified because that was the only pair of jeans I had. I vowed on that day that I would fly under the radar, and lay low.

Hiding behind a logo...

Fast forward into adulthood, I firmly believe that little girl’s embarrassment held me back. In 2010, I got my real estate license and couldn’t be more stoked to join the Jay Kinder Home selling team. Being on a team offered so much benefit to me as a new agent. The most exciting part was that I was able to hide behind Jay’s face and logo. His face was on the signs and the billboards. Even though this was the case, the team leaders always encouraged us to brand and market ourselves as well.

I was excited to hear that the office had purchased a flip video camera for us to use to record virtual tours (now remember, this was back before cell phones had good video cameras). I went to new home construction and hit record. After some simple editing, I took the video and uploaded it to YouTube. After a few days, I checked comments and noticed the video had over 30,000 views! The scared little girl took control, and not only did I delete the video, but I also deleted my YouTube channel.

Isn’t that hilarious?

People PAY for that kind of reach today!

I was so nervous about getting negative attention; who was watching my video

and why would they want to?

Unleashing My Inner Legend...

In 2017 I started a hobby boutique that sold clothes to concert-goers. I hired an eCommerce coach, and he asked me a question that changed my whole thinking. He asked me, “What are you doing differently than Target or Amazon? People can go to Target and get a Guns N’ Roses shirt for $12. Why would they pay more than double for the shirt on your online-only store?” That question shook me. As I racked my brain, I thought,

“How can I build a community?”

Then it hit me! So many times, when I went to these concerts, I would go to meet and greets and connect with amazing artists. Why not record those conversations for my customers?” I decided to start a blog (terrible idea, since I am NOT a writer, or good with grammar!) I booked a few interviews with amazing artists during the 2017 Vans Warped Tour and called up my BFF. I was excited, as these artists were some of our childhood favorites, and I told her she HAD to jump on a plane to be my wing woman.

After the two interviews and hanging out with Donna, I quickly realized this was bigger than a blog. We decided we would co-host a podcast and interview musicians together. That might have been the best decision of my career because it was then that I decided to stop hiding behind logos, embrace who I am, and put myself out there.

After launching the music podcast, I launched a podcast for entrepreneurs called Unleash Your Inner Legend with Hollie Kitchens.

I am on a mission to help those who are like I was, to stop hiding behind a logo,

Establish authority, and Embrace authenticity!

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